Inner Tube Necklace
Inner Tube Necklace

Inner Tube Necklace

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The Inner Tube Necklace is a unique piece of statement jewellery. The distinctive pattern has been handcrafted with traditional tools and recycled rubber in an eco-friendly and cruelty free process. Upcycled inner tubes are popular leather substitutes, due to their similar texture and unique patterns.

Over the past five years, the collective have recycled 3,660 inner tubes. That represents 12,810 kilograms of rubber which has been diverted away from landfill.

How it is made

The manufactures SAPU have found a ready source of used inner tubes from transport companies in nearby Semarang, just 25km away from their workshop. Each inner tube is likely to have traveled over 50,000 miles before it reaches the workshop. So, before the collective can get to work on their designs, the first step is to remove 50,000 miles worth of dust. The reclaimed rubber is differentiated by patterns, printing and markings. Each member of the collective will carefully select an inner tube depending on the design and their desired finish. Each item is unique. Whether it be punching or cutting in designs or sewing seams, every SAPU product is individually made by hand. Each member of the collective is highly skilled in crafting this tough material. From the moment the craftsman picks up his chosen inner tube, to the point the finished article is dispatched, every part of the process takes place in the Salatiga workshop. This means that the collective maintain complete control over the production of their items and can ensure that every piece meets their high standards.

Rubber can easily be cleaned with warm soapy water.

Made in Indonesia

DISPOSAL Unwanted jewellery can be donated to various charities including Alzheimer's Society or Friends of the Earth. It could also be donated to local charity shops or upcycled.